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Even More Roster Stuff

Credit for our new mugshots go to Blank; anybody who's reading this and needs a graphic man for anything (magazine, newspaper, ect.) should contact him; he's amazing.

I began thinking about how much Scott Kazmir will get in arbitration earlier today while updating the Rays' payroll file and it lead me to the Johan Santana arbitration case of 2004; he wanted 2.4 million, lost, and instead got 1.6, the market has of course elevated from those prices. The bad news for the checkbooks is Kazmir 's numbers through pre-arb are better than Santana's although at the same time that speaks well towards Kaz's future. Anyhow, here are my arbitration predictions - meaning they're worthless.

Scott Kazmir - Arb 1 (Free Agent: Nov. 2010)
2007 Salary: 423 thousand
Win Shares Above Bench (WSAB): 12
Net Win Share Value: 9.88 million
2008 Salary: ~ 2.5-3 million

Carlos Pena - Arb 2 (Free Agent: Nov. 2009)
2007 Salary: 800 thousand
WSAB: 19
NWSV: 15.13 million
2008 Salary: ~ 4.5-5 million

Grant Balfour - Arb 1 (Free Agent: Nov. 2010)
2007 Salary: 415 thousand
2008 Salary: 500 thousand:

Gary Glover - Arb 2 (Free Agent: Nov. 2009)
2007 Salary: 600 thousand
Likely won't be with team

Shawn Camp - Arb 1 (Free Agent: Nov. 2010)
2007 Salary: 375 thousand
WSAB: -3
Shouldn't go to arbitration

Jonny Gomes - Arb 1 (Free Agent: Nov 2011, Super-2)
2007 Salary: 400 thousand
2008 Salary: 550 thousand

Dan Wheeler - Arb 3 (Free Agent: Nov 2008)
2007 Salary: 2.1 million
WSAB: -1
2008 Salary: 2.5 million

Some site related stuff:
As mentioned I'm still keeping up with the payroll document, however I'm going to make it a bit more user friendly, probably include links to the player's BR / BP / THT pages and make it a bit more cosmetically friendly.

A few readers have asked about doing mailbags or live chats; it's up to you guys really, if there's interest from the community then we'll oblige, although I like the idea of live chats a bit more than mailbags since it allows for follow ups, perhaps we could schedule one pre-winter meetings and go from there with the potential for guests dropping by in the future? I always feel like interviews are so one dimensional, that would be a pretty clear solution, anyhow I put a poll up, if we have a good amount of votes and a clear majority we'll schedule one by the General Manager meetings in November.


Should we have a live chat?

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