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Player Review: Akinori Iwamura

Starting a new feature today, it's called Player Review, very creative I know, the purpose is to review every statistical measure possible for the given player while making it accesable to the point where next season you could potentially bring the document with you to the ballpark for quick reference. It's kinda like Baseball-Reference's game previews, but on a player by player basis and based on trends and such. It's a JPG format so you can right click and save, and again it's just easy reference while we look back at the individuals who made the season what it was.

A quick reference guide:

  • Top left next to Aki's picture is general information as well as contract / service time information.
  • The far left column is basic stats.
  • The column to the right of the general information is for more advanced stats, hence WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player),VORP (Value Above Replacement Player), Rate (100 = average, anything below is negative runs in the field per 100 games, so in Aki's case he costs the Rays four runs per 100 games), IsoD (OBP-BA), IsoP (SLG-BA), ProP (SLG/BA), and EQA (offensive value per out, as far as the scale, think BA, .260 is league average.)
  • The probablity / outcomes chart is simple, the percentage is the amount of times that outcome happened last season, obviously.
  • Hits by zone is simply where in the strike zone Aki hits the best, again pretty straight forward.
  • Trend stats, you've seen most of them in my pieces, GB / FB stand for groundball and flyball.
Should I continue to do this or focus on other material instead?


Player Reviews or something else?

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