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Champion Stadium Awaits

No, this isn't the millionth post in the next 100 plus days about the Rays' future, instead it's the title is the new name of the field at Disney World that the Rays played at last year, and are currently discussing playing there again next year.

According to the Orlando Sentinel the ball is "in the Rays' court" but apparently it's not a financial hold up as much as a "working on finding some mutually acceptable dates to continue hosting Rays games at Champion Stadium." issue. The writer makes sure to point out that it was good for business and wins through a two month old Matt Silverman quote, and not much else.

In other Rays-related news, a former draft pick has been arrested for child exploitation charges. Disturbing.

The paper has a picture of Champion Stadium on its page, but for some reason this picture attracts me a lot more:

With that in mind visit SBN's new Orlando Magic blog, Third Quarter Collapse, you know if we were to rename DRB perhaps 8th Inning Meltdown would fit? Oh and Rashard Lewis + Dwight Howard = unstoppable, hopefully.