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Community Off-Season Wishlists

We've done a chat and community prospect lists (and in March community projections) so why not do some off-season wishlists as well? Ideally everyone would list 5-10 players that the team can realistically acquire (meaning nearly anyone with our farm, but honestly I don't see us trading for Johan or Miguel Cabrera); with that being said here's my wishlist (no order):

Mike Timlin - His sinker would be great assuming our infield defense is met with a range roaming shortstop. Majors

Troy Percival - Maddon effect, had a great comeback season with the Cardinals. Majors

Masahide Kobayashi - The other Japanese reliever, I don't see any of my relievers listed as closer material, but depth never hurts, and when you consider the imports can be stored in Durham if need be, I think the risks are worth taking. Japan

Kazuo Fukumori - Same as above, there's no harm in trying to find a gem in Japan. Japan

Ronny Cedeno - Would come extremely cheap since he's out of options and the Chicago media loves Ryan Theriot. In 2006 his RZR was tied with Jack Wilson, and he makes 6 million less than Jack. Bat is lacking, but shows good minor league success. Minors and Majors

Cesar Izturis - Everyone knows of my obsession with Cesar after John McDonald re-signed, and he's still the top shortstop on my free agent list. Majors

After everyone has posted their's I'll do some crunching and post the combined wishlist in order of demand.