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Reviewing the Batters

Some observations and notes:

I only used players who played in more than 15 games, so while guys like Joel Guzman and Raul Casanova qualified the likes of Dustan Mohr and Justin Ruggiano did not


Iwamura's value is only going to go up at second base, look at his numbers compared to Harris, now note his VORP is 15.3 despite not being the typical power bat at third. Meaning he was good for 1.5 more wins than the average hot corner holder, I'm pretty sure that number is going to jump at second base, perhaps above the 25 number posted by Harris.

Delmon almost had more singles than Upton did hits; and Upton hit .300 with 474 at-bats.

Brendan Harris will make a nice bat off the bench assuming this season wasn't a complete fluke.

Carlos Pena had a silly season.

Jonny Gomes was a bit better than I give him credit for, but I still don't feel he should be a part of next year's team.

Zobrist was awful statistically and using the ol' eye test it appeared he was consistently overmatched by pitchers who aren't considered overpowering.