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Reviewing the Pitchers

Again, 10 games minimum:

Jake and myself were recently talking and I think we can count on around 950 innings from our rotation (600 for Shields, Kaz, Sonny, 150+ from Jackson and Niemann) that gives us about 500 relief innings to fill assuming we play all regulation length games next season -- highly unlikely.

Gary Glover amuses me, I don't think he would win a spot if he returns -- or rather I hope not -- but I have to admit while he got lucky he was a much better signing than I would've expected last winter.

Nice to see that Grant Balfour was hurt by the defense amongst others, I really like him and I'm hoping that he uses his slider a bit more than his fastball next year. Sadly that sounds a lot like Seth "McRung" McClung, hopefully different ending to this story.

Orvella, Switzer, Stokes; what are things I don't want to see in my 2008 Rays bullpen? I anticipate an Orvella trade, Switzer re-signing on a MiLD, and Stokes...uh, who knows.

Some question whether our pen should really look for a situational reliever, I'd say that if we get say...Ron Mahay there are 70% odds that he's going to retire that one man; that's a lot better than what we're usually facing.

I have no idea what to do with Hammel, Howell, and Ryu, I think they could each be used in relief, but I'm not sure we have the room for them. Perhaps trade pieces? I know U.S.S. Mariner loves J.P.

Speaking of U.S.S. Mariner, this is my first post with the new design, and it feels pretty odd, yet refreshing. Personally I think the new colors bring out the site a bit more than the green, and the logo fits right in.