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For What It's Worth

An odd source to report this, but I suppose it's newsworthy none the less; Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune did a piece on shortstops and included this line:

Tampa Bay is trying to decide between sticking with Brendan Harris, who hit .286 with 12 homers, or trying to acquire a shortstop who would be better in the field.

Jake will be the first to tell you the Chicago media is awful and I tend to think this report cannot be correct, it clearly wasn't the plan last year -- the team had Harris move to second base down the stretch for a reason -- and I'd rather acquire a defensive shortstop with Harris being the first guy off the bench rather than becoming the next Ty Wigginton and being overused in positions he has no business being in or at.

Some other links and notes:
A Cubs fan thinks the Rays - Cubs could hook up on a Cedeno + Hill for Crawford deal -- it would take more than that.

From Eli's MLB Rumors

The Devil Rays prefer defense at shortstop, and are inquiring about Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson. Wilson has been the subject of several trade talks with other teams, but nothing has happened. The Devil Rays seem like a good fit. They could send two or three prospects, maybe Brendan Harris to bring him in. Wilson was pretty solid offensively though, batting .296 with 12 HR and 56 RBI and made 11 errors in 640 chances. Other teams expected to be interested include the Cardinals, Nationals, and maybe Blue Jays.

I have no idea how credible the guy is, but he seems to have a load of interviews with baseball folk. Wilson (08:$6.5M, 09:$7.25M, 10:$8.4M club option ($0.6M buyout) is pretty expensive for a guy who's .790 OPS was the highest since 2004; he's got a good glove though.