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Lillibridge, Rocco, and Percival

Nice piece up on, ode to the greatest site on Earth during these last few weeks and next few months MLBTR, here are some points involving the Rays:

Last week, the St. Petersburg Times listed Brent Lillibridge as one of the prospects the Rays may target to fill their need for a shortstop. The Braves remain high on Lillibridge and have said there is an outside chance they could use them as their center fielder next year if they're not able to find Jones' replacement via the trade market.

Last year, the Braves attempted to land the Rays' Rocco Baldelli. With Baldelli having missed most of the 2007 season and consequently enhancing his status as a health risk, the Braves would likely need the Rays to include one of their other young outfielders in the deal.

I can't believe the writer is suggesting Rocco and another young outfielder for Lillibridge, if anything I'd think that would be the last position the Braves would want, but if it's Jason Pridie they want, well then who am I to tell them anything? Also if the Rays were to acquire Lillibridge -- who I like a lot -- what happens to Brignac? Does Lillibridge become our shortstop of the future and Brignac dealt, would one slide to the outfield and allow one of our current OFers to be dealt? It's an interesting situation to say the least.

Count the Tigers out on any bidding contest for former closer Troy Percival. His agent, Paul Cohen, told last week that at least eight teams had called in to express interest in his client, half of them looking at him as a potential closer. Detroit, however, hadn't called. Coincidentally, six of the eight teams now interested in Percival were also interested in him when he began his comeback last summer, with the Tigers one of the few exceptions.

Assuming the Cardinals and Tigers are out, the Rays would be included in that group that were A) interested in him during his comeback try, and B) interested in him now -- Percival was one of my wishlist entrees.

Oh and because I'm kind of obsessed with Bonds as a Ray, isn't it a little odd that we haven't heard his name in quite a while, or is it just me?