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Jake's Take: Crawford may be headed to Chicago

We've all heard the rumor that Chicago has had their sights set on acquiring Crawford, but Chicago's ESPN 1000 is reporting that the Cubs are getting ready to send a package of players to acquire our basestealing outfielder.

While it's not a done deal just yet, any trade with the Cubs that doesn't feature Rich Hill, Carlos Marmol or Ronny Cedeno as starting parts the deal isn't a good one. In that trade itself, we'd acquire a quality, young major league starter, some bullpen help and a defensive-minded SS. Also, it'd also free up some money to go towards acquiring Free Agents.

More news to come, when and if this trade is made official.

[editor's note, by R.J. Anderson] Also, for those who were wondering, Tampa Bay MIGHT be on the road unis in 2009. Oh and that from our great friend Bobby Fenton who just conducted a pretty good interview with the Rays' Mark Fernandez who sounded pretty optimistic about the possibility; hard working journalism at its best.