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Dukes To Nationals, Again?

Corky over at Rays Index somehow dug up a Dominican news site that says -- in Spanish -- the Nationals want Dukes but don't want to give up their main prospect launchers / pitching prospects.

I had heard some rumblings from a non-Rays source about a move being in the works around midday, but nothing so specific as Dukes to Washington who has had interest before. It would be amusing if one of Chuck LaMar's drafted pitchers is the return price for Dukes, perhaps Glenn Gibson.

AOL Sports has some more translations, notably:
They quote an unnamed source close to talks between the Nats and D-Rays as saying: "We are going to be clear, the [Devil] Rays want Dukes to leave and there are people in Washington that think that the boy is not so problematico as they paint it."
The report states Dukes himself "has commented to some of his companions in the winter league that he urgently needs to leave Tampa to reorient his career."

Apparently David Chalk at Bugs and Cranks was the first to find it, Chalk's also on a self described "crusade" to keep the Devil around or whatever, anyhow the reason our site remains DRaysBay isn't because we're fighting a war, but you know the whole thing about another site being called RaysBay -- not to mention DRB is pretty synonymous with Rays' coverage.