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Cubs Still After Carl

Nick Cafardo says the Cubs are offering a package starting with Rich Hill and Carlos Marmol for Carl Crawford. Excuse me for being a bit more than a skeptic on a potential Cubs / Rays deal for Crawford, but I really don't see it happening.

Keith Law apparently feels the same way I do:

Todd (Ithaca, NY): Carl Crawford to the Cubs for Rich Hill and two major league ready players . . . as a Cubs fan, should I be leery about this rumor?
Keith Law: (1:17 PM ET ) It's a load of crap. So yeah, I'd be leery.

Steve (Tucson, AZ): There has been so many Crawford questions. Does Tampa Bay even have any interest in trading him?
Keith Law: (1:34 PM ET ) Not really. But someone in Chicago made up a trade rumor earlier this week and it has run amok.