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One More for the Road

This is one I've had on my burner for a while; I just never got around to writing it, so here we go.

How many names and quotes must trickle across the wire before we learn our lesson? By now we should know a few things about the Rays' management and ownership group, enough at least to establish two basic principles - rules perhaps? - About what to expect from this organization.

  1. They never misspeak - Seriously, you're never going to hear Andrew Friedman, Matthew Silverman, or Stuart Sternberg say something that wasn't meant to be said. Some folks will call them robots, tools, whatever, but it also shows unity and the singular thought process that won't lead to nasty feuds and fuel distrust.
  2. You'll never see that trade coming - Okay, you'll see a trade, but not "that" trade. Remember when the Rays were going to trade Julio Lugo to the Blue Jays for Brandon League and Francisco Rosario?  What about Ty Wigginton for Scott Proctor? I'll be shocked if someone ever guesses a deal right.
With that in mind, let me try and another off-season prediction: the loser of the Miguel Cabrera sweepstakes will come calling for Carl Crawford soon enough; can you imagine a package the Dodgers could put together for us? Broxton, Billingsly, Meloan, Loney, Kemp, and Hu amongst others, I'm not sure if they'll still have a CF spot open (interest in Aaron Rowand may fulfill that need) or what it would take to get Carl, but if they come with an offer of Broxton, Meloan, and Billingsly you really have to consider it, don't you? Even if it means given the anathema tag team of Dukes / Baldelli a shot in left.