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Stadium Stuff

Including the team giving out new gear to politicians:

Ed Hooper, R-Clearwater. "Mine's still hanging in the plastic in my office until I find out if they have a lobbyist or not," Hooper said. As for paying for one, he's not so sure about shelling out up to $100. "I don't want one that bad."

I strongly urge Patrick to track this man down and kick him in the shin.

"If a jersey influences my vote, I'm a pretty sad legislator," said Rep. Rick Kriseman, D-St. Petersburg. "I think (the Rays) are reaching out in ways that prior management never did. I think it's smart even if they aren't building a stadium. I can't imagine they would be naive enough to think they could influence us that way."

Who would've thought that smart, cunning businessmen would be better owners than a bulldog who's fortune was made my firing people? Anyone?

Also, Topkin reports the team will make some formal stadium announcements shortly after Thanksgiving; honestly I can hardly wait to see the early artist renditions and details.