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Maddon Argues For Young

The underappreciated Eduardo Encina gets the Sunday column duties this weekend and the main portion is on Joe Maddon speaking to those who chose to leave Delmon Young off their rookie of the year ballots completely. The conspiracy theorists out there who theorized the Delmon trade talks were stemming from Joe Maddon's dislike should probably find a new story to create -- that or say Maddon is just making good P.R. talk.

Encina also talks about Mark Fernandez and the Tampa Bay situation on the uniforms, but I found this more interesting:

Maddon was pleased with his first trip to the Dominican academy, saying the operation was better than anything he had seen in his three decades with the Angels "by leaps and bounds."

Other items examined: the Nationals interest in Dukes, the Rays interest in Barrett and what it would cost us -- draft compensation, not financial -- and the Rays needing to clear room for the players they wish to protect from the Rule 5 draft by Tuesday, only John Jaso was mentioned but I can't see the team leaving Fernando Perez unprotected -- and selfishly I want to see such a brilliant person stay in our system.