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More Fukumori

Hat tip to MLBTR; East Coast Windup has a writeup and video of the Shinji Mori hater, including this scouting report:

Problem is, this has been a pattern throughout Fukumori's career. He's always been a sought after talent, but has now undergone two major elbow injuries that both required surgery. Still, when he's managed to stay healthy he's been solid, often verging on excellence, which is why he's now able to draw interest from major league clubs. He throws a good variety of pitches, including a shuuto (like a reverse slider), a slider and a knuckle curve, that he has decent control with. Most appealing is his fastball, which despite topping out in the low 90s, has a lot of movement and often tails in toward right-handed batters (as he illustrates in the video above).

That answers the questions about if he throws a slider, and now makes me want him more, imagine all the fun we could have with shuuto.

Here's the video:

It looks like he has a bit of a hitch in his delivery and seems to hide the ball well, I wonder if that whip of the arm has anything to do with his injuries? Oh and my favorite part:

Fukumori will be represented by agent, Alan Nero, who represents Taguchi So, Johjima Kenji, and Iwamura Akinori. Indeed Tampa has shown the most interest in Fukumori and likely look to sign him to a fairly low risk minor league deal

If that comes to reality I will be thrilled; it would be a Padre-esque move, using minor league deals to grab relievers with interesting aspects.