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Inventory Stuff

After possibly the most exciting week in Rays' history we've reached a drag of sorts. Free agency officially opened when the clock hit 12 to begin Tuesday, but the team - and league as a whole - have made very few moves, otherwise do you think many people would care that Jose Molina went to the Yankees? The Rays have yet to make a move, but when they do we'll be on top of it, with that in mind if you look to the sidebar on the left, right below where it says "Links" you see the "DRB Payroll & Roster Inventory" otherwise known as that spreadsheet document that I never seem to stop posting about.

I've broken it up into five tabs - more likely to come - and I figure I may as well give a bit of a tutorial on what each page is.

2007 - The payroll figures for 2007, every player who took part in a Rays' game is listed along with their salary listed through whatever year they're signed. It was the original document so it's a bit rough, but for nostalgia purposes it's included.

2007-2014 - Basically the same as the 2007 document, only I consider this the catch all of contracts through 2014 - if they're a Ray between that time then their info will be provided their along with the accumulated payroll for each year easily comparable.

2008 - 2007, only in 2008 form, and with pretty new colors.

Minors - All the notable minor league players along with their signing bonuses.

Off-Season 2007-2008 - Ah, yes the newest of pages. It's the recap of the winter for those times we wish to relive them. I won't include trade rumors - the quantity is great, but the quality is lacking - however free agent rumors that we cover on DRB? Absolutely, with a link to suffice your reading needs.

Sooner than later I'll be adding comments on certain contracts that will include stuff like buyouts and possible incentives, check out Price's comments on the minors page to get an idea of what I'm talking about.