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Around SBN

The best way to get better as a writer is to read, a lot, with that in mind here are some good reads from this week around the Sports Blog Nation.

Master Blez at Athletics Nation gives us his "Most Despicable Team"; my version:

SP Erik Bedard - He simply owns us, and everyone else.
C Toby Hall - Liar, loudmouth, sucks.
1B Kevin Youkilis - Crybaby, but I'd love him here.
2B Aaron Hill - Seems to get every ball hit in his country against us.
SS John McDonald - See above, scorned my adoration to stay in Canada.
3B Aubrey Huff - Clubhouse cancer, cash my check and go guy with a big mouth.
OF Jacoby Ellsbury - Ugh.
OF Johnny Damon - If I never see this guy make another diving catch against us, it'll be too soon.
OF Manny Ramirez - Ugh.
DH David Ortiz - Ugh.
CP Mariano Rivera - Eduardo Perez says hi, otherwise it's usually game over versus him.
Manager - Ozzie Gullen

Bleed Cubbie Blue has been all over the Wrigley Field re-sodding.

Twinkie Town wonders if the cash possibly going to Craig Monroe and Tony Clark is money well spent.

A-Rod or M-Cab? For Viva El Birdos, that is the question.

Gaslamp Ball makes a Brian Giles joke that doesn't involve him pissing on teammates in the shower. Too bad.