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Rays Add Four to 40 Man, Release Stokes, Switzer

Again, Eddy

The Rays added four players to the 40-man roster -- catcher John Jaso, outfielder Fernando Perez, outfielder Jason Pridie and left-handed pitcher James Houser -- and designated relievers Brian Stokes and Jon Switzer for assignment.

Houser even after the amphetamines? Pridie? I didn't expect those two to be added, but anything that gets rid of two negative impacts is fine by me.

Update [2007-11-20 20:6:22 by Patrick L. Kennedy]: This isn't really deserving of its own story, and maybe no one cares at all. But I wanted to tack on to the end of this post the fact that the Mets just traded Guillmero Mota to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for C Johnny Estrada.