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Around the Internets

Congratulations to Jerry Scott of Buc'Em and Tomahawk Nation fame, it turns out ol' Jerry is getting married. This could be a pretty good weekend for Jerry assuming his Noles take care of business against the Gators tonight.

New Magic man Maurice Evans is wearing number one. That seems a bit odd to me, considering that the last two to wear the loneliest number were Anfernee Hardaway and Tracy McGrady. Evans is a nice role player, but he's clearly not either of those two -- Rashard Lewis on the other hand is cold blooded, carry on "Sweet Lew", and Dwight Howard is the best big man in the league.

You may remember Joshua Downie from around these parts (otherwise known as J.D. Downie, pen names are fun!) well he's finally got his own site besides being a DRB intern of sorts; The Enzo Watch which is a bit of a Baseball Think Factory memoriam to Enzo Hernandez who in 600 at-bats got 12 RBIs. The blog covers mediocre players, which is one of my favorite topics -- long live Neifi Perez -- so obviously I'll be checking that site out with regularity.

Tommy at The Stat Pack makes the case that David Wright, not Jimmy Rollins, should've been NL MVP.

Over at Beyond the Boxscore some writer guy talks about the Francisco Cordero deal, hey buddy your WVORP (Writer Value Over Replacement) is 0.

That same bum asks if Jack Cust's 2007 was a fluke

Athletics Nation readers discuss taking personal shots at players in light of the Joe Kennedy tragedy.