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Pena Did Not Reject a 3/30 Offer


Then Saturday, a Dominican sports Web site,, reported that Pena rejected a three-year, $30-million deal.

When told of the report by phone Saturday evening, Pena was shocked and called the report "a straight lie."

"What? Three years, $30-million?" Pena said, turning to his wife to tell her the news and half laughing. "Wow. ... No, that's not true at all."

Here is the original story, and here's the translation from Babelfish:

Carlos Rock (sic) rejects contract of 30 million dollars to Tampa
Carlos Peña
Carlos Rock

The Dominican Carlos Rock, that shone by all the stop in the 2007, finishes rejecting a contract of three years and 30 million dollars to Tampa, according to trusted east Saturday to

The agent of Rock is Scott Boras and the conversations to obtain a pact of several years began Wednesday, but with his first supply, Tampa remained short before the aspirations of Rock.

The inicialista of Tampa comes to bat 282, with 46 home runs and 121 towed races, with which the prize of Return of the Year gained.

It is probable that the next week reaches an agreement, because between which requests Rock and what efrece Tampa is no as much difference.

That is to say, whereupon each part yields chin, takes place the agreement.

For what it's worth, 10 million annually wouldn't be a bad deal at all, but I'm interested to see just how far the Rays, and Pena will go in order to make this work.

Using Nate Silver's old formula to find salaries based on WARP alone Pena's 2007 was worth around 20 million, even more than Boras' 15 million projections. Personally I'd go as high as 15 million, 4/60 seems fair, perhaps a fifth year club option?