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More Young for Garza, Jack Wilson Talk

From via MLBTR:

Trade rumor that won't die: Twins pitcher Matt Garza for Tampa Bay outfielder Delmon Young.

Delmon was average for a corner outfielder last year, but I doubt Garza is enough -- even if his 11.3 VORP is higher than Delmon's 5.7

From BuccoBlog again via MLBTR

A friend of mine close to the Rays say they have been talking internally about Jack Wilson. Now, I laid this rumor to rest earlier in the month saying it would never happen but there might be renewed interest. I'm hearing the Pirates made it known Wilson wasn't available to a different club at winter meeting and that circulated around the hotel. Now some are hearing that rumor might have been planted.

I would be shocked if the Rays take on Wilson's contract and give up a prospect knowing what I do about the Rays. Plus, I can't see Huntington playing Castillo 155 games at short, although if he's serious about rebuilding then it's a no-brainer. We'll have to see where this goes.

I would be disappointed if we dealt too much for Wilson unless the Pirates sit on a good amount of his awful deal. Of course he had a 24 VORP last year, which puts him just behind Brendan Harris, but if he could repeat that offensive performance I'd certainly be interested; I'll look at that as a FoN sometime this week on BtB.

Also I like what Joe Pawlikowski said about Niemann on MLBTR -- Joe is the reserve to Tim Dierkes and writes for River Ave. Blues:

and the six-foot-nine monster Jeff Niemann likely to break camp with the team

Is Niemann's new nickname The Big Red Monster?