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General Manager Manifesto: Volume I

I should probably write a little bit of a intro as a first time writer for this site. I am a graduate student at the University of Florida. I am currently taking classes in pursuit of receiving my Masters in Sports Management, after which I will begin law school at the University of Florida. My goal in my career is to one day become the general manager of a professional baseball franchise. My column will give you a opinionated view from a front office stand point.

This first article in my manifesto will be centered around a deal that I have been pondering for over 3 months. This is a deal I propose should be considered by the DRO as a opportunity to improve the ballclub, but also should be considered by the Marlins as a chance to bolster their squad.

Rays receive: SP Scott Olsen
Marlins receive: OF Elijah Dukes

This would be your classic "change-of-scenery" trade, and could prove to be very beneficial for both teams. Not only does this allow both of these players to make fresh starts with new teams, but it also helps fill weaknesses for both of these organizations. The Rays have been very patient with Elijah, and he has managed to stay out of the news for the past couple of months, but his problems in the Bay Area may be too large to overcome in the long haul. Assuming our current lineup stays the same, he would be looking at a DH job at best for the next 5 years. With the Rays surplus in outfield depth (Ruggiano, Baldelli, Pridie, Perez, Jennings), they can afford to trade a player as talented as Dukes.

The Marlins have had a very rocky road with Olsen, and they would be willing to move him if the right offer came along. This could potentially fill their CF position for the next 10 years, but it could also fill a Dade County jail cell for the next 10 years. Both of these players have tremendous upside: Dukes could be a 40+ homerun threat, while Olsen has the stuff to win 15-20 games for his team. These 2 players might also carry more off-field risk(see: Pacman Jones) than any other 2 players in the league.

If both the Marlins and the Rays plan to keep such high risk players in their organization and on their 40-man rosters, they might as well have them be players that fill a weakness in the team. This is why this trade would make sense for both teams. If this trade were executed, both teams would have players the would still have the same amount of risk, but more reward as it pertains to the organization that they are affiliated with.