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Boof Coming to Tampa?

I have from a reliable source that Boof Bonser has told people close to him that a deal with him heading to Tampa is imminent.

Okay, here's some more info:
- Boof is in Tampa for a pro-am golf tournament.
- He apparently slipped and told some people that his agent has told him that the Twins and Rays are talking to send him here and that something is close.
- As for potential names the obvious one pops to mind and that's Delmon, if that is the case it would be a package deal.
- Apparently Boof said that Delmon is the Twins' target.

I'm not sure I've ever heard of a player having so much info unless Boof is either [Dukes quote] us or his agent is definitely in on the talks.

For those wondering; Boof is five years from free agency but may qualify for Super Two arbitration. He also shares agents with B.J. Upton - Larry Reynolds.

Another "for those wondering":

Thanks to J.B. Downie

Apparently the Rays aren't discussing the deal - or at least not acknowledging it - who knows if Bonser even knows what the hell is going on at this point.

Also let me state my source was very close to the J.P. Peterson Hot Lunch show, and that's where the information originated from, I fully intend on gathering the tape and proving that this was hardly an "internet rumor".