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Moving On...

Lancaster has posted an item about payroll:

"I think there's a scenario in which that's what it is; I think there's a scenario in which it's higher," Friedman said. "It'll get back to the types of players that are available to us and how they fit us. I think it will always be difficult as long as Stuart is the owner to pin down the [payroll] number on Nov. 27 of any year because of how dependent it is on the specific player or players that are available."

Friedman talked about being opportunistic, which of course has been the mantra for this group from the beginning, and obviously there is a limit somewhere for the payroll--it isn't going to double. But if they found something that made sense--my guess is it would more likely come in a trade for a player with a decent-sized contract or who is slated to make good money in arbitration the next few years rather than a free-agent signing--I think they'd be inclined to do it.