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Rays After Bartlett

Per the St. Pete Times:

The Rays' search for a shortstop has expanded to include Minnesota's Jason Bartlett and the teams have had discussions.
Bartlett, 28, has been the Twins' primary starter the last two seasons, though he was limited by neck and back injuries last season.

Bartlett is 28 and has a career line of .272/.342/.362, his VORP last season was 14.7, above and beyond the likes of Ben Zobrist and Josh Wilson. His range factor dropped to .806 last season but the prior two years was well above .850. Barlett's top similar player through PECOTA is Edgar Renteria and expected VORP for the next four years are 15.7,16.0,14.2,12.1.

Intriguingly it also says the talks could be part of a larger trade, hm. I'd like to give Jason Collette of RotoJunkie fame a hat tip for saying we should pursue Bartlett in any deal with the Twins - Jason in case you didn't know is pretty much one of the top fantasy guys not aligned with the juggernauts of ESPN or Rotoworld, and frankly I don't know why.

As for other notes:

Today at about 2:15 the Rays will unveil their stadium plans, the press conference so to speak is off limits to the general public, but DRB will have a correspondent - the charming young lad Patrick L. Kennedy - present and he'll give us a report later on about the happenings.

I have the audio file and will post a link when it's through uploading, but I owe Dave Ortiz of the J.P. Peterson's Hot Lunch radio show a huge thanks for briskly getting me the file; everyone I talk to has nothing but good things to say about Ortiz, and tomorrow the show will have Rays' president Matt Silverman on to discuss numerous items including that stadium deal.

As for the rumor Update [2007-11-28 13:15:54 by R.J. Anderson]: Also J.P. discussed it today you can listen here, which confirms everything I posted yesterday, but it's not the original file.

As for the original it's about 25-30 seconds into the file when Peterson utters the following: "I rode out here with Boof Bonser, he was with Minnesota last year, and he told me they're working on a trade to send him to the Rays. Delmon Young might be involved, so that's interesting."

If anyone questioned my intents when it comes to posting information, there you have it.