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After a very exciting day yesterday, today is one of those sit back and reflect sort of days. My take on the trade took some time to comprehend. Like others I wasn't sold on the trade...and then they switched out Rincon and put in Morlan. Morlan has been comared to Joba Chamberlain, and his future is much brighter than Rincon's. We were going to have to trade Delmon at some point, because he is bolting  at the end of his contract.

This move gives us a very solid front 3 starters in this Rays rotation. The best part is that all 3 of these pitchers are unique in their own way. Bartlett is a big improvement in my eyes for this team, because now we have a shortstop. My opinion from the beginning is we need to build a strong defense to help build the confidence of these young pitchers. Last year it must've been discouraging as a pitcher knowing balls got through that would've been swallowed up by 90% of the shortstops in the league.

I think Pridie has some decent value, but he will never be a star in the league. He has the tools to become a average to slightly above average starter in this league, but with out depth this wasn't really a huge loss. I have only seen good things written on Morlan's behalf.

 In the end I think it was a good trade for both teams, in which the end result can be successful for both teams. I can't wait for spring training to see some of these new Rays in action.

Here are a few links pertaining to the trade:
Slideshow of Garza made by Twins fans
Slideshow of Bartlett made by Twins fans
Video of Morlan warming up in the bullpen, for those wanting to see the youngster in action.
Good fantasy analysis of the trade by Cockroft, and gives you a good feeling of what to expect from the players.
Keith Law thinks we made out well.
Buster Olney thinks we are moving in the right direction, and I agree.
From our good friend Jason Collette