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Percival is a Ray

2 years 8 million with incentives that could boost the deal over 10 million. Apparently the team didn't give him a physical (actually they did according to Rosenthal's article) - a lot of old damage would've made it a bit of a hassle - but was fine with his health. No clear word on whether Percival is the Rays closer immediately or not, but there is a strong possibility that he'll become the ninth inning man sooner than later.

He was just officially introduced - his contract can be worth around 12 million if all incentives are reached - and did some radio time; comparing the Rays to the Tigers, wouldn't have signed here if he didn't think we could win, and said his friend Troy Glaus had high praise for our team - but said we didn't win a lot because of our pen.

Maddon has said Percival will be the team's closer; and Dukes had a bit of a blow up - resulting in an ejection - in a Winter League game; apparently things could've been a lot worse if he wasn't held back by a teammate.