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Dukes Ejected; Goes After Umpire

Per the Times:

He had words with the opposing catcher, objected to a strike call in his first at-bat, then was hit by a pitch his next time up and flung his bat to the ground, and on his way to first made a somewhat suggestive gesture to the typically rowdy crowd, which had been jeering him. It's not uncommon for fans at these games to scream and throw bottles on the field while player ejections aren't as rare as in American baseball.

Campos said he wouldn't be surprised if Dukes was suspended for his actions.

"He needs to grow up,'' Campos said. "His body and ability, it looks like it's there. He's a big man, but he has a long way to mature."

Here's the video; the Rays weren't actually aware of the issue until today - but Elijah does realize his job is on the line here, right? I don't think crotch chopping towards the crowd then getting ready to fight with an umpire is the best way to win the right field job.