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Off-Season Notes

This courtesty of the Boston Globe:

The Devil Rays are looking for a defense-oriented shortstop and a veteran starting pitcher, and they'll try to tie up Scott Kazmir and Carlos Pena long term

Not the first time we'd heard defensive shortstop (I wonder who started that fad) nor veteran starter,, but lack of bullpen mentioned is a damper.

From our friend Tim Dierkes over at the great MLBTR his take on two Rays related topics:

The Rays want a defensive-minded shortstop and veteran starter.  Maybe they'll make a play for Cesar Izturis or Omar Vizquel.  A rehab guy like Freddy Garcia or Randy Wolf could be interesting.

The idea of the Giants trading Tim Lincecum seemed crazy at first, right?  Cafardo says they may be willing to do so for a "stud outfielder."  How about Delmon Young?

Izturis and Vizquel's names have hopped around this site a lot over the past few months, defensively Vizquel is still one of the best ever, but his bat is sorely lacking. Izturis is younger, probably cheaper, but doesn't feature the same mystique which really means nothing, in fact Izturis is probably the better choice since he could be used as a reserve infielder in a year.

Garcia would be interesting since he is an innings eater and has the better nickname. (The Chief.) However if Wolf could regain his early 2000's form he'd be a welcome addition, as would his hair.

As far as Delmon for Lincecum, I'd think long and hard about it.

Also I forgot to mention Marc Topkin's piece, basically the Rays will be more active in the trading market than free agency.