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Jake takes on David Price, again

Second verse, same as the first...

Jake: As I've done before, Welcome to the Devil Rays! How's the ride been so far for you as a professional baseball player? Does it seem surreal to you yet or are you getting used to the prospect that you're going to be playing baseball for a living?

David: Haha, no, not really. It just really seems as if I'm going to be doing the same thing I have done for the last 17 years of my life! It is obviously a good feeing to know that I am going to get paid for doing something I love to do!

JL: Many fans questioned your usage in college and lackthereof when you got signed. How are you feeling and could you pitch right now, had they given you a choice to play in the Arizona Fall League/Hawaiian Winter League/Dominican,Mexican or Venezuealan Winter Leagues?

DP: Well,  right now I haven't thrown in a competitive environment since the Michigan game. So, right now I don't think I could get tee ball kids out.

JL: Another question that I, along with others, is if you're going to pitch the same way you did in college or have you made or been asked to make some changes to your mechanics or pitch selection? Have you found out how to throw that magical disappearing pitch that you wanted to learn?

DP: As of right now they have not said anything to me about changing anything, but this could all change whenever I go to spring training.

JL: I've asked this to a few players that I've talked to in the past, what was your biggest splurge with your signing bonus? New car/truck/SUV? Vacation? Pay off student loans?

DP: I got a 2007 750 BMW

JL: How much did your family and college teammates factor into your decision on returning for your senior year or signing? You seem very down-to-earth and family oriented, which is why I ask.

DP: I mean you can't really pass up on being the number one pick, so they were very happy and wanted me to be the same. Yes. family is a very big deal to me!

JL: Any "Welcome to the show, kid" stories yet from teammates coaches at Columbus or at the instructional league?

DP: Haha, no, not really. I just kept getting asked to buy spreads to eat!

JL: With the Rays having the #1 pick and Pedro Alvarez being the odds-on-favorite to being the top pick, what are your thoughts on your Vandy teammate and will you be his agent still(for those who haven't seen the CSTV vid late last season, you'll love the interview between David and Pedro)? Are you hoping for a reunion of sorts?   
DP: Haha! Yes, I plan on being his agent! Not really, but it would be a nice pay day. Yes, a reunion with Pedro would be amazing!

JL: Have you talked to or been in contact with Josh Paul, the Rays previous Vanderbilt Commodore? Any words of wisdom of sorts from "The 'Stache"?

DP: No, but I got to talk to him a little bit while I was in Tampa.

JL: How are you spending your offseason so far?

DP: Been working out and relaxing after a long season.

JL: Any indications on where you'll start next year? What jersey number do you plan on using(for those Rays fans who want to customize their own)?

DP: No idea on any of those!

JL:. Any passing quotes that you'd like to leave for Rays fans, Vanderbilt teammates/coaches?

DP:  They are all the reasons I am where I am now!