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As some of you following the previous logo vote thread might have sensed, things weren't exactly set in stone throughout the previous process. We had new logos popping up and existing logos being modified mid-game. As a result, the main poll about the new logo was sort of outdated within a day of the post, and with the team changing their identity today we do not want to prolong this process further.

As a result, we are moving to a final logo vote based on what was generally observed as the consensus feeling among our core group of readers and writers. We didn't want to deal with trademark issues, so we bypassed the two logos that treaded perilously close to copyright infringement. I'd like to thank 'floridaroar' for his effort in creating those logos, in my opinion one of them was the best choice of them all, but we have opted not to go down that road and deal with the associated trouble that comes with it. So we are left with two logos that are up for vote right now, and whichever one garners a majority among the voting masses will be the new logo of the site. The logos appear below. I would like to get every design element of this site that is slated to be changed in place by the end of the weekend, and so let's try and have this vote wrapped up by Sunday afternoon at the very latest. Also, enjoy your final three days with the present logo.


'Map' Logo 'Dome' Logo