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It's About Time

As you folks know we hold radio host Bobby Fenton in some pretty high company in terms of our friends of the site - and we have him ranked first on our Tampa sports radio prospects list, but who's keeping track of that? Well, that's why frankly we're thrilled to inform you that he's moving on up; here's part of the press release:

In a decision that stunned many radio industry insiders, CBS Radio's Tampa Division announced early Monday that they have decided to scrap the legendary duo of Mike and the Mad Dog in the coveted weekday afternoon drive slot of 3-6 pm in favor of a five hour marathon session of The Free Stretch with Bobby Fenton from 2-7 pm on WQYK 1010 AM.

Wow, just wow, and I don't mean that he just bumped Mike and the Mad Dog away from my Tampa radio, but rather five hours? By the end of that shift he's going to pass out on the couch outside his studio.

Seriously though, congratulations to Bobby, we hope he has nothing but success in his new gig, and seriously if you don't want screaming or agendas on your Tampa sports radio show tune in to Fenton and his Free Stretch program, even if it means he gets to talk about Tim Tebow for 25 hours a week.