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Help Charlie Montoyo's Family

Durham manager Charlie Montoyo's son has some medical costs that frankly aren't covered by most professions, with that in mind the Montgomery Biscuits have launched the Alex Montoyo fund - all donations will go towards the families' expenses.

Full press release after the break.

MONTGOMERY -- Fans of the Montgomery Biscuits shared some good times with Charlie Montoyo.

The beloved manager guided the capital city's Double-A franchise through its first three seasons and to its first Southern League championship.  As he held the 2006 Billy Hitchcock championship trophy, his wife Samantha and son Tyson, both fixtures at the ballpark, were among those applauding.

Recently, however, the Montoyo family has been through harder times.

The joyous occasion of the birth of their second son, Alexander, was tempered by the devastating news that he had been born with life-threatening medical complications.  The required specialists and procedures will cost the family thousands of dollars.

In an attempt to lighten the family's financial burden, the Biscuits announced the formation of the Alexander Montoyo Fund on Monday.

The fund will seek monetary donations for Alexander's medical expenses from friends, family and fans.  The Biscuits organization will match any pledges up to $5,000.

It is the Biscuits' wish to provide a check to the Montoyo family by the New Year, so The Alexander Montoyo Fund will be open until Christmas Day.

Anyone interested has a number of different ways to donate.  Internet users can give through a secure form at the Biscuits' website,  Additionally, donations can be made at the Biscuits' front offices or any MAX, Your Community Credit Union locations.

"The Montoyo family has spread so much joy to us and to our fans," said Biscuits owner Tom Dickson.  "Sherrie, Drew and I figured that in this season of giving and this time of need, it would only be right to what we can to help."

When giving through the Web, donors can send along their own messages of hope and encouragement to the Montoyo family, which will be presented along with the check.

"What the Biscuits are doing is amazing," said Samantha Montoyo.  "A lot of people don't realize that this is not just a long term thing, but a 'rest-of-his-life thing'.  Between surgeries, medication and travel (his doctor is in another state), just living will be expensive."

Charlie Montoyo managed the Durham Bulls to the International League Championship Series in 2007.  He managed the Biscuits the previous three seasons.  The Montoyo family lives in Arizona.

"I told Tyson that Big Mo was putting together a special bank account for Alex and he thought that was very cool," Samantha said.

You can donate here, and needless to say around this time of year, it's truly a sad story, particularly to such a good man like Charlie.