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Kalt & Silverman Address the Fans

Read the entire thing here, but for those wondering if the pair would ignore some of the more venom laced questions, well here's your answer:

Has Mr. Silverman ever walked 15 blocks in the August afternoon humidity in St. Pete, as he wants Rays patrons to do? -- Dave Butcher Towzey

MS:  The distances we're talking about are much shorter than 15 blocks.  Many fans currently walk long distances to Tropicana Field today, either from our parking lots or from private ones.  The walks to the new park would be of similar distance.  Growing up in Texas, I frequently attended games in Arlington where we'd park at the Six Flags remote lots and walk in the 100 degree heat to the ballpark.  What we have in St. Pete is significantly more tolerable than that.

In your last post you mentioned not being able to compete on the field financially if you accepted the entire financing of the stadium. Do you seriously consider the triple a garbage that has been on the field for the last 10 years competing????? -- kh

MK:  This is exactly the point.  We want to be in a financial situation where we can afford to put the best possible product on the field for our fans.  And while it's unfair to characterize the product on the field as you do, the simple fact is that the new ballpark will greatly improve our ability to retain the great young talent we continue to amass.

Ah yes Tampa natives, the best way to make sure that two intelligent businessmen know when you're asking a question is with five question marks, that and forgetting that of those 10 seasons the current regime has been in charge for two.

It's been a slow news day, but we've been working on that off the site project loosely mentioned and I just received an email about someone plagiarizing my BTB posts; this day is about to get a whole lot better.