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A Cliff for the Rays

Per Jerry Crasnick the Rays will have a deal with Cliff Floyd in place by this weekend.

credit to J.B. Downie

Floyd, 35, had a .795 OPS last year, below his career .843 mark, but take note of his career .859 OPS versus righties as opposed to an OPS below .800 versus lefties. He provides the Rays with a left-handed thunderstroke that can play right field or DH if need be, and with Gomes seems to provide a nice power / walk platoon. Not sure what the contract will look like quite yet, but I'd expect a one year deal, perhaps with a team option for a second, money wise probably incentives based. The last time he was healthy enough to log 500 at-bats he posted an OPS of .863.

What is going on here? The Rays have signed two vets - for those who love that kinda stuff - and neither sucks. This is outstanding, kudos front office.