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Rays Avoid Arbitration with Glover, Balfour, "Officially" Sign Floyd

The Rays can cross their first two names off of the arbitration "to-do" list, as they agreed to contracts today with RHPs Grant Balfour and Gary Glover. Both figure to be among the few holdover elements from last year's league-worst bullpen.

R.J., this from Jayson Stark:

The Tampa Bay Rays have agreed to a one-year deal with free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd,'s Jayson Stark reports. The deal is for $3 million, plus $2 million in performance incentives and includes an option for 2008 earnings.

Per my count we're around 28 million with the Kazmir / Pena arbitration situations to go and at least one more roster addition remaining. It's not going to be the highest payroll outside of this state, but I'm quite encouraged, the organization has truly impressed me this off-season, and in the end it wasn't about money, like I had said before the off-season began it was about the quality of player added rather than the quality of paycheck that player received.

Apparently the deal isn't done:

The Rays moved closer to signing free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd to a one-year contract with a club option for 2009. Internet reports emerged Thursday that a deal had been completed, but the Rays said some details still have to be worked out.

"We are still working through some of the finer points but we are optimistic we will have a positive announcement early next week," Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman said Thursday evening.

Per Encina, shame on Jayson Stark for starting more internet rumors. Second straight day the ESPN crew is the first to report this information, whomever their source is - either the Rays, Floyd, or his agent - has to be pretty reliable I'd imagine, particularly to out scoop the locals two straight days on essentially the same specifics.