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Floyd Deal Still Not Official

Slow day, but we've got something coming up for you guys very soon that should be worth the wait - multiple things actually...

"Nothing is signed," Rays spokeman Rick Vaughn said.

However, it's still believed the deal -- which would pay Floyd $3 million and include a team option for 2009 -- is close, and that it could be announced early next week. Sometimes with older players -- Floyd is 35 -- the finer details can get sticky.

Looks like a very reasonable deal for Mr. Floyd.

Here's what the deal will look like from what I've gathered:

Floyd is only guaranteed 3 million - 2.75 million in base salary for 2008 and a 250K buyout for 2009 - that assuming the Rays don't want him back and effectively pay him to go away, so while it's a club option Floyd will get some financial compensation for his 2009 job either way. Depending on how he performs - hopefully for the team's sake very well - he can earn up to 9.75 million or roughly 10 million, so while the deal will be called a one year, three million dollar deal in reality it's a 1 year, 2.75 million dollar deal with a club option that can increase the pay to 3 million for 2009 along with whatever incentives Floyd can reach. All and all it's a pretty good deal for both sides.