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I often avoid media topics around here, but sometimes I just can't help myself. As many of you know the Baseball Writers Association of America votes for the awards and hall of fame last week they added 16 "new members" and rejected two. Of course those two just happen to be two of the most qualified baseball writers in America - Keith Law and Rob Neyer, both from ESPN, but both amongst the more intelligent, logical, and generally enjoyable writers from the worldwide leader in sub par baseball analysts.

Of course it didn't stop there, yesterday Deadspin posted this; apparently Woody Paige of all people is a member of the BBWWAA and part of the reasoning for the lack of Law and Neyer was not attending enough games - essentially attending games must make writers smarter and clearly that's evident in this case, who doesn't find Paige more baseball savvy than Law and Neyer?

Now let's address Paige's statement: he'll vote for someone - despite them not being good - because he likes them as a person. Why do I get the feeling that attitude is commonplace amongst the folks voting for BBWAA induction as well?