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Baseball Prospectus' Rays' Top 11 Prospects

Try typing that over and over again, anyhow here's Kevin Goldstein's top 11 Rays' prospects.

Five-Star Prospects
  1. Evan Longoria, 3B
  2. David Price, LHP
  3. Wade Davis, RHP
  4. Desmond Jennings, CF
  5. Reid Brignac, SS
Four-Star Prospects
6. Jacob McGee, LHP
Three-Star Prospects
  1. Eduardo Morlan, RHP
  2. Jeff Niemann, RHP
  3. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP
  4. Fernando Perez, CF
  5. Ryan Royster, OF

To be frank I'm a bit shocked at McGee's rank, and impressed that Desmond Jennings has jumped so high. I'm also a bit surprised that Hellickson is only a "three-star" prospect, I would make the case that you could rank him top five in the organization, although I suppose Brignac's rank is because of an overall weak shortstop world.

Also take a glance at Goldstein's comments on Longoria:

The Good: Longoria does everything well, and many things exceptionally so. He combines outstanding bat speed with brute strength, and is capable of going deep to any part of the ballpark without needing to make perfect contact. He also has the feel for hitting to project for a high average, and draws a fair share of walks. Defensively, he shows good instincts and a plus arm. His makeup is outstanding, and he seems to gear up in clutch situations.
The Bad: Anything here is nitpicking. Right-handed pitchers found some success in pitching Longoria outside, and he needs to refine his pitch selection. He's an average runner that some feel could lose his speed quickly and force a move to left field or first base.

The interesting part that I hadn't heard of would be him potentially moving to left or first base - of course "some" may actually be scouts who misjudged Longoria's skill set, but interesting - and somewhat concerning - at the same time.