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A Giant?


Including free-agent 1B Tony Clark, one of the most respected players in the game, who has been mentioned as a potential Rays target. If he ends up in Tampa Bay, you can bet his bat won't be the only reason the Rays sought his services.

You people know what I feel about that whole "leadership" tag, so I'll refrain from going over the top here, but come on. With that being said, it's a bit peculiar that Lancaster mentioned only Clark and not General Erstad or anyone else. Is he giving us a hint perhaps?

Clark is a very big man (see below) at 6'7" 240, last year he wasn't too bad - an OPS over .820, but prior to that had a sub .700 OPS year, so depending on which Clark shows up it might be a decent 2 year 4 million dollar investment, but he can only play first base at this point, and do the Rays really want to pay two guys over 35 roughly 12 million over the next two years? That being said he does provide some more pop.