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Rays Eyeing Barton?

I actually mentioned this to Jake last night, interesting stuff, courtesy of MLBTR

Anyway, A reliable source has informed MLBTR that the Rays are eyeing 25 year-old outfielder Brian Barton from the Indians for the first pick.

A quick look at Barton's stats shows he walks, hits for average, and hits for power, an even deeper look reveals he'd make a good platoon partner, but I'm not sure what his exact role on our team would be - smells like another trade is forthcoming, perhaps as earlier as tomorrow - remember the winter meetings begin in about 24 hours.

A University of Miami graduate, Barton struggled a bit in limited AAA action, in fact it was the first time since 2001 that he posted a OPS lower than .900. Here's what BA recently said about him:

Ever the enigma, Barton went undrafted in 2004 after clubs were scared off by his aerospace engineering major at Miami. The Indians signed him for $100,000 and an additional $100,000 in college funds after a brief showing in the Cape Cod League and Barton has not looked back. A five-tool player who can play all three outfield spots, Barton has been hampered by a lingering knee injury since his breakout year in 2006 when he hit .322 with 19 homers and swiped 41 bags in 49 attempts. Even with the knee problem, Barton still turned in a .305/.402/.420 season in 2007, finishing the year in Triple-A. Quiet and leading through example through his 2006 season, some scouts expressed concerns about Barton's demeanor. "I loved him that first year in Double-A," one scout from a National League club said. "But this past year, it was almost like he'd earned this elite status and you saw him have this lackadaisical approach to the game that wasn't there before. Where he was playing with chips on both shoulders with something to prove initially, that part of his game was replaced by some sort of false bravado. He's really tough to get a handle on, but the tools are very real."

That's exactly what this team needs; doesn't he sound a bit like Joel Guzman though? With all of this in mind I took at look at the Rule 5 draft candidates over at BTB.