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The Return of Bill Evers?


"You see an organization that's trying to do everything right, and I wanted to be a part of it," Percival said.

And he's excited about the potential, going as far as this: "I'm not saying we're going to the World Series this year. But I don't discount it. I watched Colorado and Arizona, young teams with talent, go out and make a good showing."

Andy and Joe flying out to Los Angeles reminds me of what Doc Rivers and company used to do with the Magic - the night of free agency opening they'd fly out to their top target's home and awaken him right after midnight chanting "MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC!" and handing him a customized jersey when - if - he answered the door. Surprisingly - maybe not - the efforts didn't always work.
There's talk of longtime Rays man Bill Evers, who wasn't rehired as bench coach, staying on to work in scouting and player development. ... Radio announcer Andy Freed is a strong candidate for a job with the Mets.

Other notes include Travis Harper trying a comeback and the Rays moving their Saturday summer games up an hour.

Topkin notes the team's payroll is over 35 million, it is if you guess at the ARB numbers, otherwise the 34 players with contracts set for next year come out around 24 million.