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DRaysBay Obliterates Previous Monthly Record

It is my pleasure to announce that DRaysBay destroyed its previous monthly records for hits and page views during the month of November. Powered by big news events that drove reader interest up, DRB achieved 35,551 hits for the whole month of November to go along with 93,414 page views. The previous records for those categories were 25,399 and 62,532, respectively, which were both set during the month of September. Now I'm not an analytical expert, but I'm going to go ahead and attribute the record-setting numbers to a combination of the new uniforms announcement, the reports about the new stadium, the official announcement of that new stadium, the blockbuster trade of Delmon Young to the Twins, and the signing of Troy Percival. That was quite a high-profile month for the Rays, and the interest in these big news events inevitably resulted in greater reader traffic coming to the site.

So can these trends be sustained? I think that they can. Readership has been on a huge upward trend since the beginning of the year; January was our first month of five-digit site hits, and since then we have only built upon that total. Our total site hits for the year through November is 213,618; our total number of hits for the nearly 23 months previous to this year in which our site was active? 133,814. The final totals from three of our past four months have established new site records for hits, and we have started off December strong. Weekends usually result in a big statistical plummet for us, yet the first two days in December have tallied 1,000+ hit days. We can only hope that some of the first-time traffic driven to our site by the big events is retained. For those n00bs that are reading this right now, consider that my personal invitation to grab a chair and stick around at our site.

But in the midst of this statistical ego-stroking is a message to all of you. The gains this site have made are evident to the eye even before you go checking sitemeter. The increased number of diaries and comments on stories has been testament enough to the leaps forward that we have made as a community. And perhaps the best thing about this quantity is that quality isn't sacrificed as we become a bigger community. So many other sites see civil conversation and thoughtful remarks drowned out when they become popular; we have not yet experienced this, and hopefully we never will. So far trolls have decided that pestering Rays fan sites isn't worth their time, sans Mick. I personally am thankful for that and I hope it continues.

But the bottom line is that we owe a big thank you to all of our readers for fueling our tremendous statistical gains last month. We have a truly special community going here, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your support. And that is on behalf of myself, Jake, R.J., the two Matts, and David. We hope that you all keep reading and contributing your thoughts, because above all this site values the input of its readers. Thank you all for caring about the team we love so much, (we are committed to wanting, Cork) and proving that the Rays have as best a core group of fans as any professional sports team.

---Full Statistical Charty Goodness After the Jump--