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A quick post here, just wondering what people expect from Jeff Niemann in 2008? I think we're at the point here where the former first round pick should be in the majors to begin the season - barring a spring meltdown - I know he can use some repetitions, but sending him to Durham could be a kiss of death to his prospects in the bigs this year, a bullpen spot could work.

Jeff Juden
IP/S    H/9    HR/9    BB/9    K/9    WHIP
5.95    8.49    0.62    4.42    7.90    1.43

Jeff Niemann
IP/S    H/9    HR/9    BB/9    K/9    WHIP
5.08    8.25    0.83    3.39    9.38    1.29

Andy Benes
IP/S    H/9    HR/9    BB/9    K/9    WHIP
6.06    7.82    0.97    3.32    8.94    1.24

Although not necesarily in stuff, Benes and Juden both compare to Niemann in draft status and size - both overall meaningless, but Benes was a pretty valuable commodity as an innings eater and Juden was a large bust for numerous organizations including the Astros. Seemingly Niemann fits in the middle as far as minor league careers, but does that mean he'll fit somewhere in between the career ERAs - I know, I know, but we're comparing the more important stats, ERA is just that medium stat that is produced by those stats - of 3.97 and 4.81 as a starter? Should he move into the bullpen immediately?