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Topkin Likes Internet Rumors After All

I'll preface this by repeating what I've said many times: I love MLBTR and respect Dierkes as much as any writer around and Topkin's Sunday columns are some of the best around, but you'll remember a while back - the day before the Delmon deal actually - I posted that tidbit about Boof Bonser saying there was a deal imminent between the Twins and Rays for Delmon Young and how he would be involved. Well Topkin addressed that as an "internet rumor" - the next day a deal happened and the Twins' general manager Bill Smith stated the Rays were essentially locked in on Garza, suggesting they had offered alternatives.

Fast forward to today and MLBTR, an internet rumors site has none other than Topkin as their "Rumor Royalty" - essentially writers who help spark rumors on the internet - like the Erstad interest which apparently wasn't so mutual after all. I'm sure you can all see the irony here, and you can see what he says about the Delmon deal here.