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Window Sill: Chris Nowak

Not much happening today - or few the past few days, but we're only a handful away from the LaMar-itis (the staff and some heavy supporters have their copies all ready, funny story to come on Friday about it, actually) launch, oh and some national holiday. With that in mind how about taking a look at one of the more underappreciated players in the system - one commonly overlooked, hence the "window sill" label, this guy is looked over.

Chris Nowak
First / Third Base
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
DOB: 2/21/1983
Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2007 Team: Montgomery

Nowak's probably the most underrated player on the Biscuits' roster, but he played a nice third wheel behind Reid Brignac and John Jaso this year. A 6'5" monster Nowak has the versatility to play any of the corner positions, and his bat would seemingly allow him to do so as well - since being drafted he's posting OPSs of .730 (Hudson Valley), .841 (Southwest Michigan), .875 (Visalia), and .836 this prior year. Early in his career he appeared to be a poor man's Eric Karros, but suddenly he learned what a strike was and began walking because free bases are very good. He'll start at Durham this year, and frankly I like to think that he could become what the similar Wes Bankston never could - a serviceable bench player in his prime - but for now I'll take a wait and see approach, especially since a man this big should be hitting more than seven homeruns in 104 games, that being said I can see Nowak breaking out in Durham's hitter friendly ballpark and becoming mighty inviting trade bait if he doesn't find himself on the Rays' bench late in the year, but his old man skills really don't indicate he'll translate over for the long run.

Thoughts on Nowak's career path, poll included?