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Rays Aren't Done

Encina, basically the team isn't done; still looking for a super utility infielder and a left handed reliever.

I think I'll post once, maybe twice more before Christmas, but don't expect any posts until Wednesday after Monday night around 5-ish - frankly I'm not sure the rest of the staff's posting plans.

Also to set the record straight: I like and respect both Topkin and his work. Frankly I can say that about every media personality and personnel around the city with two notable exceptions - but I won't bother them from talking about strippers to take random shots at people with far more class and dignity.

Lancaster: Trop is now blue, Rays are after utility infielder (names Koskie, Ensberg, Cirillo) and lefty (Affeldt and Miller), not too much else going on.

Props to Romano, great piece on Charlie Montoyo today.