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A Clemens Sighting on You Tube...


I started paying attention to Clemens in the year of 1986. In that time, we did not have the array of resources and online news outlets the way we do today. In that day, you first start hearing about people based on their performance on the field.

I say you take Clemens career up until the point his career ended with Boston and he is a Hall of Famer.  

I was floored by what he was able to do in Toronto,  Yankees, and even Astros.

But, we have heard the rumors of steroids in the past on Clemens. I honestly did not believe them. But, one thing is fishy. Its this practice of where he comes out of retirement and starts the season in June timeframe (with Astros and then Yankees) sure seems like a way to get out of doing what every other major league player must adhere to. It takes respect out of all those who players who prepare physically and mentally to compete in this game. Instead, he received this rock star treatment and am not sure what he was bypassing by the later start. He knew what he was going to do each year.

Sure, what he has done on the field has been exceptional. So, has what Bonds has done on the field.

But, when your name is splashed all over the Mitchell investigation, you have some explaining to do. Especially, when your buddy Andy who trains with you and looks up to you admits he experimented with HGH.  

I mistakenly believed Rose when he said he did not bet for 10 years. Should I believe Clemens denial?