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Montoyo Fund Nets 13K

From Jim Tocco and the Biscuits Press Release:

MONTGOMERY -- The Montgomery Biscuits will present nearly $13,000 this holiday season to help a family in need.

With the establishment of The Alexander Montoyo Fund on December 10, the Biscuits sought to help the family of their former manager Charlie Montoyo, whose second son Alexander was born two months ago with a congenital heart defect.  Two open heart surgeries and standing vigil at a Los Angeles hospital hundreds of miles from home have been very expensive to the family.

For 16 days, until Christmas, the Biscuits accepted donations through their Internet site, through the mail and in person at the Biscuits' offices and in MAX, Your Community Credit Union locations.  Biscuits owners Tom Dickson and Sherrie Myers promised to match the first $5,000 pledged.

More than 60 families and individuals donated to The Alexander Montoyo fund, including Biscuits fans local to Montgomery, minor league and major league ball players and friends of Charlie and Smanatha Montoyo from all over the country and Puerto Rico.  They donated a total of $7,756, bringing the total donation to the Montoyo family of $12,756.

Along with their monetary gifts, donors who gave through the Biscuits' website were able to send a message to the Montoyo family.  These messages will be compiled and sent along with a check.

"We are happy to be able to provide some measure of support for a family that has been so close to the Biscuits organization," Dickson said.  "We were touched by the people who gave and the messages that they wanted to pass along, and we hope that in addition to financial support, we're able to send a clear message of moral support to Charlie's family from his friends, fans and colleagues."

Montoyo managed the Biscuits from 2004 through 2006, leading the club to its first Southern League championship in 2006.

The Biscuits do additional charity work annually through their Biscuits Charities program, providing assistance to local organizations that support children.

Not too bad, the Rays, by the way, will be doing something for Montoyo, but as of now the details aren't known.