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I finally got done writing about nearly every transaction known to man for the past week, and I'm in a generous mood, what with the whole e-book unveiling beginning late tonight / early tomorrow - because as you know I'm nervous about the whole thing and I'd rather be able to sleep tonight knowing it's working and such rather than fret about it.

That being said, let's play a little true or false game with Jose Castillo, pick out the one that isn't true:

A) As of now is a starting third baseman.
B) Will make around 2 million next season.
C) Will be the highest paid player on his team.
D) Is good at baseball.

If you chose D, you're right! Doesn't that signing remind you a bit of the Alex S. Gonzalez signing here a few years ago? J.D. Downie brought that up to me and it really does, think about it: we signed a guy who's only real value was his defense at shortstop, put him at third base where his bat would be handicapped and he couldn't field nearly as well, and to top it off had a number of young players being blocked by him.

I'm actually beginning to miss when we signed mediocre players, remember Denny Neagle? Jimmy Anderson? Manny Aybar - Fred McGriff's Tom Emanski cap had a brighter future - or Danny Clyburn? If not stay tuned.